If a person wants to succeed in life, then he must constantly improve and engage in self-development. Special applications that train helpful skills and abilities will help in this. In addition, new knowledge will benefit; you only need to choose the right programs and download them to your electronic device.

The brain needs regular training to think fast, remember, and process information. There are useful self-development apps that you can install on your cell phone and tablet to increase your intellectual abilities. Experts of cheap paper writing service have prepared a list of in-demand applications for self-education. 


A good program for self-development and improving thinking abilities. You will need to specify what skills a person wants to develop and then move on to the games. In an entertaining form, you can train your memory and attention. The application is easy to use even in transport, so the trip to school or work will not waste.

All exercises for self-development have a playful form, accompanied by inspiring comments. In addition, there are detailed instructions, so a person will figure out what is required of him.


An application for those who are facing difficulties. The program replaces the trip to a psychologist because it allows you to sort out the internal problems to overcome the crisis.

A person has to choose three words that best describe the situation. After this, you need to activate cards with quotes that accurately describe the current mood. When the questions are answered, the solution to the problem will appear. The app also shows which famous people and ordinary users are in a similar state. 


The developer of the program took care to help a person achieve a specific goal. In the application for self-development, the journey to the dream begins, while the user has to note only the positive moments. For example, a person decides to go on a diet, and the program will show a chronicle of the journey. The user is flying in a balloon, and the road itself will be recorded in the calendar. You can add photos and comments to make the path to the goal more interesting.

The advantage of the motivational application is obvious - a person sees the goal before him and observes the path already traveled. In addition, we get a tape of pleasant events, which will undoubtedly raise the mood and make you smile at difficult moments. The application can be downloaded for free.


To get a good job and travel worldwide without problems, you need to learn foreign languages. Many apps can help you practice your language skills. Words is one of them.


This is one of the popular applications that will prove to be helpful in life. It contains thousands of summaries of books, and there are works on various topics. Therefore, the program will be useful for students who are in search of a guide to writing a great finance essay and those who want to supplement the knowledge base but do not want to spend a lot of time reading.

There are summaries on various topics: business, art, self-development, and others. Self-education with Blinkist will take much less time because you can quickly learn the main points from literary works. The program is paid, but there is a free period to get acquainted with the features.


If a person has long wanted to develop good habits, then he should take advantage of Weekly. This is an excellent program for accustoming yourself to a particular action. In the application, you should specify what activity you would like to do regularly and what frequency. The program will remind the person to do a previously planned activity.

If the user has already performed a specific action, then this should be noted in the program. Gradually, you will develop the necessary habit, because Weekly will not let you forget about a particular activity. In addition, the program is free, and there are no ads.


A good application for those who want to stop being distracted. The essence of Forest is simple - a person starting a task will plant a tree in the program. If the user does not leave the application to get distracted and finishes their task, the tree will grow. However, if another program is open, such as a social network, the plant will die.

Gradually the user will learn to do things and not be distracted by unnecessary things. If he successfully copes with the tasks at hand, it will be possible to grow a dense forest. 


The program has only one task - to motivate a person to do specific things. If the user is successful in doing something, then the hero will receive experience crystals. It is possible to improve one's character to purchase weapons and armor for crystals as he develops. If a person likes RPG, Quest will motivate to cope with the cases and not get distracted.


It has long been proven that meditation is great for helping people relax, tune into a positive mood and even work. Beginners can use a particular self-development app to immerse themselves in an unusual state. Headspace was created by a famous person who teaches meditation classes.

There are unique lessons that can be taken through a smartphone. It will get easier each time you meditate, but you should start with an introductory course. The app is available for free.

In conclusion

There are many self-development apps for Android. With their help, people will learn to think positively, set goals, and increase their vocabulary. You can choose the program that best suits the current period of life and immediately begin to improve yourself. And if you're struggling with college writing assignments and the above applications haven't helped you, take advantage of essay service companies. In this way, be sure to get high grades.