We have all experienced deleting the wrong file accidentally especially on desktop computers. But there was a solution to this: Using the Recycle Bin.

Well, Baloota team has developed a recycle bin application for Android which does exactly as the one in Windows does. Dumpster – Recycle Bin runs in the background, observes your files and automatically holds onto any deleted files, regardless of its file type (images, audio, videos and documents) and makes you sure you don't need to worry about accidentally deleting your files and restoring them. You can later clear out the bin or restore any of the deleted files, just like the desktop’s one.


It doesn’t matter where you’d delete the files from, whether it is the file manager or the gallery, Dumpster detects the deletion and transfer the deleted files to the bin.

Upon tapping a file in the recycle bin, the File Details dialog appears. From within this window, you can find location before deletion, date it was deleted as well as a button to restore the file to its original place. There is even a button to preview the selected file just to be sure this is the exact file you are seeking for.

Dumpster Settings

The Options menu lets you restrict the file types the application should check and send to recycle bin.

Use Auto-Clean feature to make the app automatically clean itself at timed intervals. You can always manually empty the recycle bin using Delete All option in the menu.  

Dumpster is a MUST have app for those who happen to have an experience of deleting accidentally some files, finding no way to restore files and losing them forever, and is a SHOULD Have app for those who think they never delete files accidentally. 

Download Dumpster - Recycle Bin from Google Play