There is a common draw back among all the powerful gadgets which is the battery consumption. Users look to this issue carefully and try by all means to reduce the battery consumption in their device, so they have a longer charge time. A device compared to its same can hold twice more working time and this mainly comes from the tweaks and customization which have been on it. Screen Control is one of those apps which lets you do some customization on your apps, so your device can stand working much longer. Let’s see what Screen Control is and how it helps your battery consumption.

Screen Control is an easy to use app for customizing brightness and time out of device in each app specifically. The app is really simple and easy to use and it does its main task perfectly: Adjust App Brightness.

The application works based on two mechanisms. First you can set the default time out and brightness for all applications from the settings in the menu or by touching the gear icon from the top bar. In this page there is section which you can enter time in minute and seconds for time out and a slider to set the brightness. There is an Auto option too. After each change you just need to press the Save button, and this settings will be applied to all applications.


Now, if you like to apply different settings to a specific application you should head to the main screen of the app. In this page you have access to three tabs, All Apps, Favorites and Running Apps. As their names suggest, first tab will show all apps, second the favorite apps and the last tab shows a list of running apps. By selecting each ap p you have the option to set time out and brightness specifically for that app. Same as the All apps page, here you can set the time out in minutes and seconds and the brightness by a percentage slider. At the end of this page, there is a box which if you tick, the application timeout and brightness will be set to the default values that we set earlier.

The application can be set to run automatically each time after gadget boots up, which makes all our setting enable automatically.


So to wrap up, important features of Screen Control are:

  • Set Screen timeout and Screen brightness for each application on the device separately
  • System settings option which can be enabled for every application
  • Auto Brightness option
  • Option to run the application automatically after each gadget’s boot up

Our personal experience with working with app was awesome. Screen Control works like a charm on all apps and in occasions like when we were chatting and we didn’t want the screen turns off was very helpful, by increasing the time out to a much longer time. However, the app is really simple and we believe it needs more features. Having features such as checking how much battery each app is using, or the option to end apps would be nice and makes the app a good toolbox for all the needs of the user.

Download Screen Control from Google Play