Test your brain on counting in mind and, if necessary, to develop this skill.

This Amazing Math Puzzle will suit both kids and adults, kids can use for educational purpose and adults can use for logical development.

Fun math with multiple levels from simple to extremely complex, each of which includes set of mathematical tasks, everyone can find something suitable.

Amazing Math puzzle game unlike any other Brain Game, it enhances your out of the box thinking with the set of interesting puzzles. Challenge yourself with math puzzles and stretch the limits of you. Math puzzles increases your logical thinking.
This Amazing Math Puzzle helps in enhancing your mathematical ability in following categories.

Number Puzzle
Learn and practice Number puzzles and find out how much you score before you appear for your next level of your IQ. Number Puzzles Numerical Reasoning Questions and Worked Answers.

Number Series
Get Logical Reasoning Number Series questions and answers with explanation. Solve the number series questi ons and analysis your preparation level.

Image Puzzle
Picture Logic Puzzles Great logic puzzles in a form of a picture. Number And Math Puzzle easy math puzzle - What number should replace the question mark?

Guess Me
Find out how to solve in the fewest guesses. What is the number? Guess The Number and solve it quickly. Collection of popular brain teaser and Guess like the secret number in the magician.


This Puzzle will help users in following ways

  • Increase mathematical problem solving skills
  • Increase your memory
  • Increase logical ability
  • Increase speed and accuracy


  • Totally Free app. No in-app purchase
  • Puzzle category came with unlimited unique question.
  • Play Offline

Download & have fun while its free!