In this AW Center App Updates Article, we have selected 3 applications which have received mentionable updates in the past couple of days. Selected app are: Netflix (as the best way to watch movies and TV series), Feedly (as the best Google Reader replacement), and Camera 360 Ultimate (as one of the best Android camera applications).

1. Netflix: The Version 3.0 is a Turning Point For The Best Android Streaming Video App

Sometimes if there is no real competitor, you just don't work hard enough to improve your service. This has been somehow true for Netflix, as users didn't have much other suitable options to stream Movies and TV series on their Android devices. But the newest version of Netflix is another story with improved performance and much smoother user experience. There have also been some performance improvements for devices running Jelly Bean 4.3, and users who stream via Chrome Cast.
Note that it may take a while for the update to rollout everywhere, due to Google Play controlled rollout policy for popular apps.
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2. Feedly: Added Support for Galaxy Gear and Android KitKat

Feedly was the luckiest RSS reader application after Google shut down its popular RSS reader service: Google Reader. The first thing y ou may notice after the update is about start time, which as developers claim it is 300% faster start time. If you like to read your favorite news from home screen, Feedly has added a new version of the Android widget which is cleaner. Smoother scrolling experience, improvements in fonts and visual designs and new discover section are other new features of the update. It is also worth to mention that Feedly is now supporting Galaxy Gear and yet-to-be-released Android Kitkat.

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3. Camera360 Ultimate: It now Supports Sony Lenses QX10 & QX100

The most important change of this great Android camera application, is adding the support for Sony Lens-style camera. There is also a Fill-in Light feature which will result in better portrait photos when in self-shoot mode. See: How to Connect Sony Lens to Android

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