In this AW Center App Update article, we review the latest changes of Google Drive, Google Translate, and Pocket which have had some major improvements in their latest update

1. Google Drive: More Productivity with Small Changes
While Google is busy integrating Google Drive with Quickoffice, the new Google Drive update (which according to Drive G+ page is being released in the next few days) provides some new tools for a more efficient experience managing your documents. Here are the main changes:

  • Rename scans before upload
  • On tablets: view files in a 2-column layout
  • Sort by quota used
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2. Google Translate: Easier Conversations with Foreigners
Google added to following languages to handwriting recognition feature: Hebrew, Greek, Javanese and Esperanto. The camera input is now available for Malay and Ukrainian, as well as recently added Afrikaans, Greek, Hebrew, and Serbian, and other supported languages. For conversations, you just select the languages, tap the microphone, speak, and let the tra nslation begin. It is much smoother and better than previous versions and since there have been some changes in the placements of the input options, you will find it more user friendly.

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3. Pocket: Is it Really Smarter and More Dynamic?
Pocket (aka Read It Later) received a huge update and was updated to version 5. According to the developers "Pocket 5.0 is smarter, more dynamic, and offers streamlined navigation and search."

Here are the other changes:
All new Highlights use Pocket’s insights to surface the best and most relevant content in your list.
Streamlined navigation makes it easier to jump to your List, Highlights, Favorites, and Archive, and filter content no matter where you are in your list

As far as we navigated in the application, it is indeed smarter and more dynamic.

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