One of the greatest points in Android is having all kinds of applications and widgets for any type of users, from grownups to kids, easterners to westerners, non-educated to engineers.

So are there any applications for Muslim people? The answer is yes! These applications are usually in the following fields: Prayer times, commonly used prayers, Islamic calendars and Hadiths. Here we aim to introduce some of the mostly used Islamic applications in Google Play:

1: Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro is the most favorite Islamic App on Google Play. Precise prayer times with Azan playing, Quran translated in 12 languages, near Halal food centers and restaurants, Qibla finder, Islamic calendar and 99 names of Allah and Prophet Muhammad are some features of the application.

Muslim Pro can be downloaded from Google Play.

2: Near Mosques Finder

Based on Google Maps, this application helps you find near mosques around you. Just enter your approximate location to get the list of nearest and the far mosques in a radius of 5 KM around you. Download Near Mosques Finder from Google Play

3: iQuran

Experience real Quran reading in Android. iQuran is the most graphical and favorite Quran application. Features included: full Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, Zoom and landscape support, multilingual translation, ability to download different Qiraats from all around the world and full control over Qiraats.

iQuran is available at Google Play.


And at the end, we would want to introduce a nice Islamic home screen widget which you will definitely love it.

4.Islamic Calendar (Hijri) is the name of a widget which beside its Islamic calendar and full Islamic events, have some other interesting features.

Islamic and Georgian calendar, important Islamic events, different theme and widgets and compatibility with all Android smartphones and tablets are some of its feature.

But the most significant of its feature is the Hadith of the Day. Containing over 300 carefully chosen Hadith this application is here to inspire your daily life.

Islamic Calendar is available at Google Play.