In this AW Center article, we review the latest updates and changes in Skype, Taptalk, and Google Hangout. Note that the first two apps have been officially updated with the features discussed in the following, but Hangout features expected to be revealed in the next update

1. Skype With a New User Interface for Tablets and Improved Video Resolution
The Version 4.4 of Skype brings a new UI for tablet owners, by showing your most recent conversations (both chats and calls) with each contact entry. Other than fixing some bugs, the video quality has been improved on both phones and tablets versions, and now you can stream videos with up to 4x resolution. This video improvements will have a significant effect on how clear the videos quality are.

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2. Taptalk is Now Free to Download
We have already reviewed Taptalk, as the best Android forum reader available in the market, and the good news is that this great application is no longer a paid app and you can enjoy the entire features for free. There is also a fully tablet optimzied version of Taptalk (called Taptalk HD) which can be found for $2.99 USD.

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3. Google Hangout: SMS/MMS Integration and Video Sharing
According to Android Police report, Google Hangout is receiving a major update and makes it possible to send and receive SMS and MMS through this application, as well as sharing videos via Hangout. For now Hangout is used as a replacment for Google Talk (R.I.P buddy) and G+ Messenger, and it seems Messaging is going to be merged with Hangout as well.
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