The emergence of Android phone makes the telephone communication more handily since the Contacts feature on it allows users to add or edit contacts on the device simply. However, when users choose to record and save the contacts on their device, they need to consider another thing meanwhile - how to back up Android contacts?

Why Android Contacts Backup is So Important?

The reasons why Android contacts backup is so vital are:
  1. The available space of Android is limited, so people always need to delete some data on their devices. At this moment, a backup can let users do the deletion with the rear secure.
  2. Accidental data loss is recurrent. Sometimes users might drop their phones to water, wrongly delete the wanted files or ground or format the device unavoidably, which would make them lose the saved contacts and hard to get them back. However, a backup enables users to get back the desired contacts conveniently and quickly so it becomes significant now.

Three Ways to Back Up Android Contacts

Normally, users may select Samsung Kies, Samsung Account, OneDrive, etc. as their assistant tool to complete the syncing process. However, these software cannot meet all the requirements of users, so how to backup Android contacts is still a hot problem now. This is also the reason why this article appears. In this tutorial, several methods to transfer contacts on Android to other device will be introduced to ensure the security of Android data.

Method #1: Sync Android Contacts with Gmail

The means mentioned in this part is to make use of Gmail account. By using this way, users are able to sync their wanted phone numbers to the Gmail and view them anytime and anywhere as they like only if they have an available Gmail account.

The tools you need:

  • A useable Gmail account;
  • A computer with internet connection.

Step 1. Click on the icon of Settings on Android phone to enter the section. Then scroll down the page to find out and tap the option Account & sync.

Step 2. Select the Google account from the list. Or if the user has not signed in the account, he/she needs to log in at first. Next, check the option Sync Contacts and wait till the syncing process is finished.

01-Android Contacts Backup

Step 3. Log in Google account on computer and then click the triangle icon to expand the list.

Step 4. Choose the contacts you wish to backup and navigate to More > Export.

02-Android Contacts Backup

Step 5. Then select the export format. Just tick the vCard format option.

03-Android Contacts Backup

Step 6. Hit the Export button to save the selected contacts to computer. When the exportation ends, people can open and view them with Address Book.

Method #2: Back Up Android Contacts within Simple Clicks

Apart from Gmail, turning to a reliable assistant software is also an op tion. And Coolmuster Android Backup Manager would be a good choice here. According to it, users not only can back up the files on their Android phones but also able to restore the backed-up data to any Android device as they like.

The tools you need:

Step 1. Launch the installed software and establish a connection between Android phone and computer with USB cable or Wi-Fi.

Notice: If you select the USB connection, but do not open the USB debugging on your device before, you need to enable it as prompted for a successful connection.

04-Android Contacts Backup

Step 2. Once connected, please click the Backup button for Android contacts backup.

05-Android Contacts Backup

Step 3. To back up contacts, check the Contacts option and tap on the Back Up button to save them on your computer immediately.

06-Android Contacts Backup

Method #3: Transfer Contacts from SD Card to Computer

To use this means, users need to export the contacts from the internal memory to USB storage at first and then move them to computer via USB cable. If you choose this method, you do not need to download anything on your computer as well as mobile phone. In addition, the moving process will not be complicated at all. It would be the easiest way to backup Android contacts.

The tools you need:

  • SD card and USB cable;
  • A computer.

Step 1. Launch the Contacts application on Android phone and click on the menu icon to display the menu list.

Step 2. Select Import/Export option from the listed menu and tap on Export to USB storage option. This will sync the contacts to SD card and save them as vCard files.

Step 3. Connect the Android to computer with a USB cable. When the phone is detected, it will be mounted as a flash drive. Just double click the icon to open it and drop the vCard file to PC effortlessly.

07-Android Contacts Backup


Developing a habit of backing up Android files will benefit you a lot. That’s because the data loss is unforeseen and momentary, and a backup file can help you to get back and import the wanted data to your phone simply. Although you can restore the lost data with a recovery tool or other methods, there is no a perfect tool in the market, which means you will still lose some important files. So, it is a wiser option to make a backup before losing your data.

Wish this article can help you when you are looking for some ways to make an Android contacts backup.