Tim Cook took the stage at WWDC 2015 and announced the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile OS, iOS 9, along with other software-related product and in this AW Center article we are going to discuss if any of the iOS 9 features are already available on Android or Android users should envy Apple fan boys.


iOS 9 Features Available on Android:


1. Split View and Picture in Picture

Finally iPad users are able to use 2 applications at the same time on their 10-inch (or 8-inch) screen. While the stock Android doesn’t come with spilt screen feature, but companies like Samsung and LG have already added this multi-tasking feature to their phones and tablets.

But what about the Picture in Picture feature, which scales down the video screen to let you run another application while watching the video? Well, Pop-Up Play on Samsung Galaxy devices rings a bell?


2. Low Power Mode

The power saving mode is another iOS 9 distinguished feature which provides more battery life by smartly disabling and managing some of the device’s features.

Beside the Android’s battery saver feature which is available on the Android 5, manufacturers have already using their own battery saving method, including the STAMINA mode on Sony devices, Ultra Power Saving mode on Samsung devices, Extreme Power Saving mode on HTC devices.


3. Proactive assistant

Siri is now smarter than ever, as the proactive assistant looks deeper in your entries and brings you back more related results and improved suggestions. For example, if your iDevice is running iOS 9 it intelligently suggests you applications you commonly use based on your habits and the time of the day. Or when you plug in your headphone, it recognizes the next action which might be playing a podcast or your favorite playlist.


But are these smart features new to Android users? Not at all!! Google Now can do better, and thanks to the new Now on Tap feature announced during the Google I/O conference, Google Now show you the results based on the context.

And that feature about recognizing the accessories and launching an action upon; seriously Apple??


4. Reminders

Suppose you have added a meeting to your calendar, and on the iOS 9 you’ll be reminded about the event and you are suggested when to leave considering the meeting’s time and location. Haven’t you tried Google Now for this purpose?


5. Nearby Places and Transit View on Maps

Apple is struggling with their own created map, Maps, and although it’s been improved very much since its creation, but Google Maps is still so much better than Maps and almost any other available map applications.

If showing nearby places for different categories and getting public transit information is a new feature on Maps for iOS 9, but Android users (and even iOS users) are already using such features and a lot more on the Google Maps.


6. News

Apple proudly announced its new feed and news reader service, News, but who hasn’t heard of Flipboard, Magazine, Socialife News or BlinkFeed already developed by Android manufacturers?


So, do you envy the iOS 9 or not? Can you think of more iOS 9 features available on Android for a long time?


 Pictures taken from the Apple website