When mistakenly deleting useful files in the Android device, you might probably feel anxious and regretted. However, even in the bad moods, you still need to confront your situation instead of ignoring it, if you feel like recovering your deleted files. Actually, you can certainly recover deleted files in the Android phone/tablet, as long as you don’t miss this post, which will tell you the full relevant practical information about Android file recovery.

Where Can You Find Deleted Android Files?
First of all, you need to know where the deleted Android files are. As you deleted a file on your Android smartphone, generally, you can’t see or find it but it is still in the Android device. Differently, the space it occupies becomes unavailable. When you create new data on the Android phone, the storage space of the deleted file will be taken up by the new data. Eventually, the deleted file will be overwritten and lost forever.

What Should You Do When Deleting Files on Android Devices?
Now, you need to know what you should do when deleting files on Android devices to avoid losing data as far as possible. There are two kinds of cases for your inference.

Firstly, if you deleted a file on an app which has a recycle bin, such as deleting a photo in your phone gallery, you can check its recycle bin in advance. Sometimes you could restore it from the recycle bin directly.

Secondly, if you removed a file which has no recycle bin, you need to recover it before it is overwritten by new data. In this case, please turn off network and Bluetooth and leave your Android device alone in advance. After that, you need to ask for help with a professional Android file recovery program – MobiKin Doctor for Android. You can get the detailed introduction of this software in the next section.

How to Recover Deleted Files in Android Devices?
MobiKin Doctor for Android, recommended as the best Android file recovery tool, can not only retrieve the deleted contacts, text messages, call logs, music, videos, photos and documents on Android internal memory, but also recover music, videos, pictures and documents on Android SD card. Besides, it can quickly back up your deleted and existing data from Android devices to your computer.

What’s more, it is compatible with almost all the Android phones and tablets, such as Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8, Samsung Galaxy Tab S/Galaxy Tab 4/Galaxy Tab S5e, Motorola G Stylus/Moto G Powerful/Razr/E6/E5G8 Play/G8 Plus, Huawei P30 Pro/P30/P20 Pro/P20/P10, Huawei MediaPad T5/T3/M5 Lite, Google, OnePlus, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony, and more.

Recover Deleted Files in Android Internal Memory
This part will introduce how to recover deleted files in Android internal memory with MobiKin Doctor for Android. You can follow the guide here to easily recover your deleted files.

Step 1: Download and Install
Please download and install this Android file recovery software on the computer.

Step 2: Launch and Connect
Then launch the program on the computer and connect your Android device that you deleted files to the computer with a USB cable. Next, in order to make a successful connection, please follow the steps on the interface to enable USB debugging on your Android device.

Android File Recovery 01

Step 3: Recover Desired Deleted Files in Android Internal Memory
After connected, you can see the types of data on the page. Please choose “Select All” and click the “Next” icon to go on.

Android File Recovery 02

Now, choose a scanning mode on the page: Quick Scan or Deep Scan. Then click the “Continue” icon. If prompted, please root your Android device to scan out more valid deleted files.

Android File Recovery 03

Then you can see your Android files on the screen. Tapping one category on the left panel, you can preview and choose the deleted files you want on the right side. Finally, click the “Recover” button to start the Android file recovery.

Android File Recovery 04

Recover Deleted Data in Android SD Card without Root
In addition to Android internal storage, this Android data recovery program has the ability to recover deleted data in Android SD card without root or using your phone. Here’s the guide you can follow.

Step 1: Go to SD Card Recovery
After installing the software on the computer, you can run it and choose the “SD Card Recovery” tab on the top.

Android File Recovery 05

Step 2: Insert the SD Card to Your Computer
Then you need to insert your SD card to the computer with a card reader and click the “Next” button. Next, choose the SD card on the interface by ticking and tap on the “Next” icon to continue.

Android File Recovery 06

Step 3: Select Deleted Files to Recover
Once done, you can choose one data type and pick out the desired deleted files on the page. To begin the recovery, please hit on the “Recover” icon at the bottom right.

Android File Recovery 07

Wrapping Up
Learning from the several sections about Android file recovery above, you might have clearly known the necessary information about it, and can effortlessly solve the problem of how to recover deleted files in Android devices. If your friends are in the similar situation, it would be helpful to share this article to them. Thank you for reading.