Android News 24 February 2014 – 12:00 GMT / 07:00 EST:

Introducing 3 of the best phones unveiled at the MWC 2014

  • Nokia's X Family Surprise: The X, X+, And XL Smartphones 
  • Huawei's Ascend G6 With "Amazing Front Camera"
  • Sony Takes A Leap In Displays for The New Z2 Tablet

1. Nokia's X Family Surprise: The X, X+, And XL Smartphones

Nokia was expected to show its new Android-power phone today at the MWC, and suprisingle, it came up with 3 new phones. The X, X+, and XL have little price difference, despite their great improved qualities. The X has been priced for only 89 Euros with a 3 G Connectivity and 512 Ram that makes it worth buying. The X+ just adds a 768 Ram plus a 4GB micro SD for 99 Euros. The XL has additional advantages to the other two, such as a larger screen, improved camera (front and back), and a larger battery.



2. Huawei's Ascend G6 With "Amazing Front Camera"

Huawei revealed its new phone at the MWC as promised, with a great improved front camera. Although the phone can earn great credit for the 5M P front camera, and has a very attractive appearance, it has not been satisfying enough as the software features have not had remarkable changes. A specific date for the release has not been set yet, but the price has been estimated of €249 ($342)




3. Sony Takes A Leap In Displays For The New Z2 Tablet

Sony has unveiled the new waterproof tablet with an 8-megapixel camera. In the terms of visuals, the device has great display improvements that is claimed to have the widest color range of any other phone device. Other characteristics of the phone are that it is exaggeratedly thin. This new tablet only has a width of 6.4 mm and feels much lighter. The Z2 tablet seems to be a highlight in the Sony record book.