Rovio, is well known for developing its Angry Birds series and today, the Finnish company released their first 3D game, called Angry Birds Go!,  which is a racing game and the drivers are all the favorite characters we know from Angry Birds; From King Pig and Moustache Pig to Red, Chuck, Terence, Stella and more.


Before getting too excited about this Racing game, note that you should either be patient enough or have enough credit in your wallet to enjoy the game, as it is completely based on its In-App Purchases and you may have to wait about 10 minutes to play the game without paying since the energy runs quicker than you imagine.


Th e user interface is really exciting and appealing and it is very interesting to see our favorite characters as the drivers, and you may barely notice the time when passing the challenging roads, using the power-up and weapons.

Speaking of power-ups and weapons, you can earn them in the games or through in-app purchases and you can upgrade vehicles as you progress more in the game.


Angry Birds Go! can be either addictive or boring, due to the massive in-app purchase contents, but it is absolutely worth the try as the game itself is free, and guaranties some fun for the first times of racing.

Download Angry Birds Go From Google Play