Smartphones do make you distracted and unproductive, and eventually, you get into the habit of constantly checking your phone without any specific reason. Do you agree with this statement? If the answer is yes and you are looking for an efficient solution to boost productivity, we’ve got some pretty exciting news.

AppBlock is an app blocker and usage tracker app for Android that enables users to set usage restrictions on different websites and applications. The whole idea is to reduce screen time and spend less time on specific apps and websites. 

What did I like the most about AppBlock? 

If you search for the “app tracker” and “block apps” keywords on Play Store, you will find a range of different apps with almost the same functionality. Even Android OS is offering a usage tracker feature by default. 

But, what makes AppBlock a perfect choice for users who care about productivity and performance improvement? Here is the list of the features I liked the most about AppBlock:

One. It comes with the option to create different profiles that can be triggered based on the time, user’s location, or the wi-fi network they are connected to.

Two. It comes with the super helpful strict mode, where you cannot bypass the already set rules. 

AppBlock Stay Focused

Three. It comes with all the features you expect from such productivity applications, and the user interface is so friendly that you will find all the features and settings with ease. 

What else? Well, this usage tracker app to stay focused also comes with a set of other productivity features, including parental control, usage statistics, support for both applications and websites, and much more.


Is AppBlock worth a try?

If you are like me and have the addiction of checking your social feed for no specific reason, then you definitely need to give this usage tracker app a try. You can easily block annoying apps and websites, and set strict rules based on your location and some other criteria.

Download AppBlock from Play Store and try to be more focused while enjoy using your phone more productively. According to the developer’s website, they are also working on the iOS app, which is expected to launch in August.

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