How To Follow The 2014 Oscar Ceremonies On Your Phone?

There is not a lot of time left until the 86th Academy Awards, and we realize how badly you want to be kept updated about the news on who has won the Oscars of 2014. The Oscar gossips about who has the best outfit and who takes home the awards is always interesting to follow. So we have gathered for you some suggestions of android applications to install on your phone, so that you would be informed about the hot news of celebrities and the Oscar stories of 2014.

Our Suggestions:

  • Oscars 2014 - Pick Winners
  • Oscars Trivia
  • Official Oscars App for IOS


Install this app on your android phone, tablet, or pc to be able to watch the ABC channel live anytime you want. The Oscar 2014 will be shown on the ABC channel, so the easiest way to watch the ceremony, is to have the network running on your phone.


ِDownload and Install from Google Play

Oscars 2014 – Pick Winners

Have you ever wanted to be able to vote for your favorite actors and celebrities, and share your opinion about the way the Oscars are being given away? Well, now that’s not such a hard thing. By installing this application, you will easily be able to pick your own predictions of the Oscar winners, and debate about them with other people. See how many 2014 Oscar awards you prdict right!


ِDownload and Install from Google Play

Oscars Trivia

If you are a fan of trivia and guessing games, this application is best for you. By installing the Oscars Trivia on your phone, you will be able to test your knowledge about celebrities, movies, roles, etc by answering the questions on this trivia. It is a fun app to have on your phone around the Oscars 2014.


ِDownload and Install from Google Play

Official Oscars App for IOS

This is the official IOS application for following the Oscars 2014 News! If you have any of the Apple products, you will be able to get the news about the Oscars and celebrities using this app.It gives you the opportunity to watch the backstage events through a dozen live cameras, browse previous Oscar awards and fashions, and access Oscar trivia. Too bad they have not come up with an android version of it yet.

Download and Install from iTunes