One fun part of being a journalist on a tech website is that you get to browse through the list of newly released applications and try to find cool apps with a rather unique concept/idea. 

AppToTalk is one of those apps that is recently published and offers a unique idea. Using this communication app, you can set to play incoming WhatsApp voice messages with no effort automatically. I mean, literally with no effort, as it plays back the incoming voice messages even if your phone’s screen is off or you are browsing another app or game. 

What to expect from AppToTalk? 

Well, as I mentioned earlier, this communication app “bring[s] the Walkie Talkie feature to your WhatsApp conversations”. It’s very useful for those who receive so many voice messages and they are too busy to unlock their phone, find the respective conversation page, and tap to listen to the audio message. It can also be helpful for cyclists or bike riders who are looking for a hands-free solution to listen to their WhatsApp audio messages.

AppToTalk - Listen to WhatsApp voice messages automatically

What do I like the most about AppToTalk?

The idea itself is tempting enough for me to give it a try. The app does the advertised functionality pretty well, and I didn’t face any problems or issues. However, I’m waiting for the next update, as promised by the developers, that will add the option to select which conversations to play the respective voice messages automatically.

Is AppToTalk worth a try?

The answer is yes, if you are using WhatsApp, you are receiving so many voice messages, and for some reason, you are not able to open and listen to them manually yourself.

Download AppToTalk from Play Store and enjoy a new way to listen to your WhatsApp voice messages automatically.