Epic space battles, stunning 2D graphics, intense actions, easy to learn gameplay and engaging story. If you are looking for a game with these features, then keep on reading.

Armada Commander is a free space fighting game that tries to combine the concept of space game with defense tower games and real-time strategy games. According to the developers, “you are the commander of Emperial space fleet set out to liberate the space stations of fallen Omegus Galaxy from the clinches of alien foes by defeating them in epic space battles!”

When you open the game for the very first time, the gameplay and missions may be a little bit confusing and you may not have any idea what you are up to. But, after letting the tutorial walk you through the game’s features, you will start to get the point and enjoy battling in the space, upgrading your fleet and of course taking down the alien spaceships.


What did I like about the Armada Commander? Well, first of all, I’m really a big fan of such strategy and defense games and Armada Commander does m eet my expectations. I like the idea of taking the battle up to space and I really enjoyed the wide range of available upgrades. It’s one of those strategy games that can entertain you for hours without making you bored or tired.


Should you give it a try? Well, like always, it really depends on the type of person you are and the type of game you are looking for. If you like space fighting games and looking for a real-time strategy game, then Armada Commander won’t disappoint you at all.

Download Armada Commander for free from Play Store and see how far you can go, how many missions you can complete and how many waves of alien space fleets you can defeat.