There are so many apps in Play Store with almost the same functionality and purpose. So, what makes an app stand out from the competitors and manage to absorb the attentions? Well, first it must deliver exactly what it offers and claims, second it must deliver it in a neat and clean way, third it must be easy to use, and last but not the least, it must be supported by the developers with new updates and fixing bugs.

Asure is one of these apps which has been recently released and it comes to change the way we ask for emergency in case of danger. Using this app, you are just one click away from sending your exact location to your emergency contacts. The app uses Google Map to offer a precise location service and once your emergency contacts receive the alert from you, they can easily get the navigation to your current location (or your last known location).


Other than sending an alert to your pre-defined contacts, it also sends a picture to them. The app is not restricted to any country and uses SMS and MMS services to send the location and picture respectively.


Asure Main Features at a Glance:

  • User friendly interface
  • Send your exact location + a picture to your emergency contacts
  • Provides exact location
  • No ads
  • Works in any country

Asure is really useful when it comes to emergency. You just need to setup the app and assign some of your friends or family members as your emergency contacts and let the app do the rest for you. From now on, if you think you are being followed by someone, or you feel you are lost, or you feel danger is close, simply press the Emergency button and all your emergency contacts will be notified. They will get the exact location of you as well as an attached picture.

In overall, I found Asure one of the best Emergency Alert apps for Android can be easily used when you are in danger. According to the Asure’s developers: “In today’s world where young girls, women and children are targets, one click can make the all the difference.”