Today’s society, as we know, is exploding with a variety of distractions and attractions. Most of the time, it’s where we least want them - commercials during our favorite TV program, billboards of vacation rentals on our way to work and, the worst culprit of them all - our technology. Our devices, on average, distract us from a whopping 45% of our daily activities. That of course, can be a disheartening and downright alarming fact on its own however, the innovative team at SP Productions sought to change that experience in your vehicle of any kind, with a little helping hand from the magic of automation.


Introducing the Hands-Free Volume Control app - AudioMe, a whole new way to listen to your music while you drive. Set the dials, connect the app to your Bluetooth device (or listen on your phone) and play your favorite song. This app uses your custom settings to automatically increase and decrease the volume of your music based on the speed of your vehicle. For example, if you’re cruising down the highway, the music will increase gradually in volume so that road noise and other distracting sounds are never even noticed. Once you’re ready to slow down and come to a stop, the music fades down in volume to accompany the level of alertness an intersection or a turn can demand. Because AudioMe uses patented, GPS-Enabled logistics and mapping, AudioMe can be used in a car, train, in the subway, on a bicycle or with virtually any moving vehi cle. It’s the first-ever, hands-free audio experience for any commuter. A pro-subscription version for AudioMePRO is available early 2021 with features like EVVR, Emergency Vehicle Volume Response, a module that detects any emergency vehicle approaching you, and decreases the volume of music followed by an optional chime. With features like EVVR, you will never have to worry about getting a ticket from law enforcement for loud music ever again. Maybe you’ve had trouble hearing a passenger talk to you and you couldn’t hear them with the high music volume. In that case, keep your eye out for Voice-Controlled Volume Reduction, which allows you to control the volume of the music based on voice-activation. The feature lowers the volume of the music when the user or a passenger is starting a conversation, and will increase when voices have stopped. Other purchasable content is a yearly and monthly subscription for the AudioMe basic package which includes full-spectrum MPH/Db Volume Settings and Autonomous Volume to Speed Control.


AudioMe is a brand new, technologically-advanced app in automatic volume response logistics for Bluetooth-enabled devices available for free in the iOS app store. AudioMe’s user-friendly design and simple functionality surpasses any other app like it. Customers love the app, rating it at 5 stars; commenting it works wonders on your commute to basically anywhere, and in anything. Go hands-free and ticket-free with AudioMe.