One of the things which is always a concern to Android’s users is backing up their information on a safe and secure cloud storage. The facts which are important to users are, creating a backup easily, Access methods to backup, service security and the type of content which they can back them up. G Cloud Backup is one of these services which although it’s simple, it has a good functions in backing up your Android.

G Cloud Backup is a safe and effortless service for backup. This service by employing its own app helps the Android’s users to back up their sensitive data. The data which can be backed up by this service are: photos, music, videos, documents, apps, contacts, messages, call list, system settings and browser’s information. The basic storage which is provided by the service is 1 GB which can be easily upgraded to 8 GB which of course higher storage are available for a reasonable price (You can earn free space up to 8GB by inviting friends, writing a review, doing some social activities and more). One of promising features of the G Cloud service is supporting several devices with just one account. This means you can backup and use your information with the same account on different devices, i.e. your tablets and phones. Accessing your backed up data  from the web is now also possible and you can for example read you messages from you computer. Another good feature of the app is that you can back up your saved game levels and the settings of  applications, if you have rooted your device.


G Cloud Backup Features

  • Support for multiple devices with a single account.
  • Providing backup for contents like documents, lists, applications, contacts, SMS, system settings, web browser settings and multimedia
  • Backup from played games (i.e. levels done), apps settings and customizations made (requires root)
  • Support for back up of information on the memory card (Update: Samsung S4 External SD support)
  • Immediate backup of all files and every update on them
  • Very high security data protection


Comparison with other services

There are many services for making bakcup, including:  My Backup Pro or Titanium Backup. Each of these services is attracting the users with different capabilities. If you have rooted your device, then Titanium Backup is a wise choice due to the extent of its backup options. However, we should not forget that G Cloud backup is easier to use and user friendlier than others especially for those who haven't rooted their device are looking for a tidy and neat interface.

How to Use

To use G Cloud Back you must first create an account. After running the app, you will see three tabs:

Dashboard is the list of sections which backup is created from them and also the amount of space used for them. 

Data displays data which a backup can be created from them. User can check each section he wants to create backups. After selecting different sections, by tapping the Done button, backup operations starts and will be done in a minimum time (Depending on your internet connection speed).

Restore which as the name suggests used to recover backed up data. You just need to choose the device, the backup type and then hit the Restore button.


Personal Experience

First we should advice you to update to the latest version of the app (Update: the 3.1.0 version now supports Jelly Bean 4.3). The app has a very simple and practical interface which you will never get confused and all the main functions of the app have been summed up in three tabs: Dashboard, Data, and Restore. The app can be scheduled to do the backup on certain times, for example, when the device is connected to wireless and you can stop the process when you’re running out of battery. The 1 GB capacity seems fair for normal usage until you don’t have many photos or videos on your device that in this case you may run out of memory and need to buy some more storage which the price seems fair.

Download G Cloud Backup from Google Play