Ball Puzzle, as the name implies, is a pop and blast ball game in which you get to place the block pieces in the board in a way to align blocks of the same color horizontally or vertically and pop them all. While the gameplay is endless, you have to start over as soon as there is no space to place a new block on the board.

Easy to learn gameplay: The gameplay is as simple as dragging and dropping the blocks and your objective is to pop and blast the matching-color tiles. The tiles come in different shapes and colors, and you need to have a solid strategy if you wish to increase your score and become the best player among family and friends.


Different game modes for different tastes: There are four different game modes: Classic, Advance, Blast, and Timer. While the Classic mode offers a Tetris-like experience, you have to face more difficult challenges in the other game modes.

I would say, the Classic mode is for th ose who are looking for a puzzle game to kill some time in their spare time, and the other modes are for those who are looking for a puzzle to train their brain and improve puzzle-solving skills as well as response time.

High-quality graphics with smooth animations: What matters most to me in such tile-matching puzzle games is about a clean and neat design along with smooth animations. The good news is that Ball Puzzle checks both items and you can enjoy solving puzzles without having to worry about any lag, slowness, or cluttered design.

My verdict: Well, first of all, Ball Puzzle is a perfect time-killer puzzle game that can easily entertain you without noticing the time. There is nothing to complain about the gameplay, graphics, and the whole experience of playing a tile-matching game. The variety of available modes is yet another advantage that makes Ball Puzzle worth a try.