What happens if the largest retail bookseller in the United States teams up with the top mobile manufacturer? Well, they may tend to produce a tablet customized for reading, thanks to the OEM’s specialty in hardware design and the bookseller’s experience in providing digital content.

According to an official announcement, Samsung Electronics America has partnered with NOOK media to develop a new tablet, called Galaxy Tab 4 Nook.

This partnership is expected to result in several devices, but for now US citizens should expect the 7-inch co-branded tablet hit the shelves in August for a competitive price around $200.  


On the Hardware side, the B&N and Samsung tablet features the same specs as we’ve already seen on the recently announced Samsung’s tablet lineup, Galaxy Tab 4. And on the Software side, we should expect to see more of Nook e-book reader and e-book library content. Galaxy Tab 4 Nook sports a 7-inch display with 1280 x 800 pixels of resolutions, a 1.2GHz quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU, 8/16 GB of Internal storage and 1.5GB of RAM.

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Since we are talking about a partnership here, we are expecting to see more customized Barnes & Noble contents rather than just a pre-installed NOOK application.

If you are wondering about the future of other N&B e-readers, facts indicate that the company is not going to give up the current devices including Nook with GlowLight and the customers will still receive support for the mentioned device(s).

As we get closer the August launch, we should expect more details to come up, including the extent of partnership specially on the Software side.


Well, as expected, Samsung and Barnes & Nobel have planned an unveiling event on August 3 in New York to announce the result of their first collaboration. The co-branded Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will be the first device powered by the Samsung's experience in manufacturing smart devices along with the Barnes & Noble experience as a retail bookseller. We believe this is just the beginning for these 2 companies and we are expecting more co-branded devices in the near future.
So, before the exciting Galaxy Note 4 Unpacked event in September 3, we also get to see yet another device by Samsung 2 weeks earlier.