No matter you own an Android phone, an iOS device, or a Windows Phone handset, the new benchmark app, Basemark OS II, developed by Rightware lets you evaluate your device and compare the overall performance of your device with almost any other smartphone/tablet.

Basemark OS II is a Cross-Platform Benchmark App, and since its publisher is a trusted source for providing benchmarking tools, you can trust the outcomes and see where your device stands among other devices.

The Basemark OS II performs different tests to measure the performance of your device, covers almost every aspect of your device.


Other than providing the overall performance, you all get to see how your device scores in different tests, including System tests, Memory tests, Graphics tests, Web tests and some Extra tests like battery and camera test.

If you use the full version of Basemark OS II (which is not available at the moment and you need to contact [email protected] for full version licensing inquiry), you also get to see the breakdown results for System performance, Memory performance, Web browsing performance, and also Battery Performance and External Storage.


The free version only provides the overall performance, camera performance and overall performance for system, memory, graphics, and web browsing (with no breakdown option).

To start testing how powerful your device is, you just need to download the Basemark OS II from Google Play Store (or Apple Store or Windows Phone store), and then run the benchmark test. Once the benchmark tests are finished, you can see your overall score, as well as system, memory, graphics, and web score, you can also share and compare the results with other devices. (Note that, to compare your scores, you are redirected to the developer's website which is sometimes slow)

Since Basemark OS II is cross-platform application, it is cool to compare your device’s performance with devices in different operation systems.

Download From Google Play