Do you remember those extremely addictive 8-bit retro games that used to entertain us for hours back in old days? Well, if you miss playing such cool games on your handheld console, we’ve got some good news for you. Basket Random is an 8-bit retro game with old school style that comes with an extremely easy to learn one-touch gameplay and very straightforward concept.

The gameplay is as simple as keep tapping on the screen to help the basketball player to jump, defend, shoot and hit the opponent’s basket, and your objective is to score 5 goals before the opponent does.

1P and 2P basketball game modes: You can either choose to play basketball with a real person in 2P mode or choose the 1-player modes and play against the AI opponent.

Everything is random, from players’ movements to field, theme and more

Being an 8-bit retro game is not the best thing about Basket Random. In my opinion, the fact that everything happens randomly is the best and most fun part of this basketball game. Not only the field and theme changes ran domly during the game, the players react randomly as soon as you touch on the screen. It makes the whole process very fun and amazing.


Should you give this basketball game a try?

Well, if you have just jumped to the conclusion, I should say that if you like 8-bit retro game with easy to learn gameplay, Basket Random won’t disappoint you at all. If you are not sold yet, you should remember that you can either play with the AI or choose the 2-player mode and play basketball with a friend on your device.

You can download Basket Random from Google Play and enjoy playing basketball in a very unique style. Basket Random is also available for desktop computers via the Web version.