A fast-paced casual game with easy to learn gameplay and endless challenges that can entertain you for hours without getting bored or tired. Is this some type of game you wish to play? If so, say hello to your new time-killer buddy, Bats Rush.

Bats Rush is an addictive and endless hyper-casual game where you get to control a flying bat, and your objective is to escape from the volcano and avoid hitting the obstacles. You just need to keep tapping on the screen to make the bat fly in the cave, and the longer you survive, the more points you collect.

What do I like the most from Bats Rush?

I’ve always been a fan of endless games that comes with easy to learn gameplay and simple yet elegant graphics. Bats Rush not only offers these features, but it also delivers fast-paced gameplay that can help the players to improve their concentration skills while having fun and competing against friends. I also like the amazing graphics and sound effect this time-killer causal game offers, and the smooth animations help you fly in the cave with no trouble or lag!

Bats Rush Time Killer Casual Game

Should I give Bats Rush a try?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, if you are a fan of endless games with fast-paced gameplay, then Bats Rush won’t disappoint you at all. It might take a couple of tries to get used to controlling the flying bat completely, but after that, you will just focus on the gameplay and try to fly higher and survive longer.

Download Bats Rush from Google Play Store free of charge and see how far you can fly without falling down or ever hitting the cave. You can compete against the family and friends to see who manages to fly the highest.