These days most of the ads and commercials are about your fitness, your shape, your health and of course your weight. There are many ways to stay in shape and be healthier, which they are all based on 2 main things: How much calories intake during the day, and home much calories you burn during the day. There are so many Android apps which their main task is to take care of your body by keeping a track of your meals and activities, and if you are too busy to track them yourself, then you are going to have one of these calorie counter Android applications installed on your device.

In this AW Center app review, we review Calorie Counter by FatSecret as one of the best applications to keep track of everything related to your health and shape.

Calorie Counter Review
Calories Counter is a free Android app (supports ads) to calculate the burnt and intake calories during the day based on your weight, height, the food and exercises you have during the day. Since it supports many recipes and products, you don't need to be worried about food's nutrition info. Another great feature of Calorie Counter is about searching items in different brands. For example if you have an Egg McMuffin from McDonald's, you just need to find McDonald's, then Breakfast and then the Egg McMuffin. It automatically shows you the Calories, Fat, and Protein of your breakfast. It also considers your daily activity, resting, and sleeping to provide a more accurate estimation of calories needed during the day.
The home screen widget with a 4x2 size, shows the current status of your consumed or burnt calories based on the food you already had, as well as a quick shortcut to add Food or Exercise. The calendar bar lets you switch to other dates to see the progress in those days too.

Let's take a quick look at Calorie Counter main features:

  • A weight tracker with some charts
  • Suggesting different recipes
  • Very easy to use with a user friendly interface
  • Home screen widget
  • A diet calendar
  • A prefect source for almost every food, and drinks in different brands and restaurants
  • Barcode scanner

How to Use Calorie Counter

When you first install and download the app from Google Play, you are asked about your Gender, Measurement Units (Pounds and Feet or Kilograms and Centimeters), Current Weight, Goal Weight, Current Height, Date of Birth, Activity level (Sedentary, Low Active, Active, or Very Active), Your Goal (Weight gain, Slow weight gain, Maintain my current weight, Slow weight loss, and Weight loss), Country, and an Account to be able to access your tracks on other devices as well.

No w you need to accurately enter the meals you take, exercises you do during the day and your weight. Let's add a food:

1. Tap the Plus icon next to the food

2. Choose the date, and type of meal you are adding.

3. Now you have 6 options for adding a meal: Quick Pick (Foods, Restaurants & Chains, Popular Brands, and Supermarket Brands), Search, Most Eaten, Recently Eaten, Saved Meal, and Scan a barcode

4. After selecting your food, you see some Nutrition info like calories, fat, carb, and protein about your food

5. Tap the Save button to finish the process

When adding an Exercise, you are asked to choose an activity and its duration. Note that the default settings of the application is based on 8 hours of sleeping and 16 hours of resting (What a relaxing life!), and when you add an exercise you need to specify whether this activity has been done instead of resting or sleeping.

Diet Calendar shows an accurate summary of nutrition info on a daily basis and you can compare your diet in the past days by take a look at the calendar. If you add your weight regularly then the Weight Tracker shows a chart about changes in your weight.


We should mention again how easy to use is this calorie counter and you have no difficulties adding different food and exercises. We really liked the details when adding different foods, and for example when adding a glass of milk as a breakfast, other than the amount of milk, you can also choose whether it has been low fat, full fat, nonfat, chocolate milk, soy milk or other kinds of milk. When you look at your progress, it really helps you continue with more eager.

Some things we hope to see in future updates are:

  • The option to save a set of different foods as a meal, so you don't have to add them one by one
  • Supporting adding daily vitamins
  • Saving the recipes
  • Adding a shortcut for deleting foods
If you are really serious about being healthier and fit, Calorie Counter is really going to help you, but note that you need to enter your activities during the day accurately. It reminds us of a famous quote of Sheldon in Big Bang Theory when playing Archery: "Leonard, the people at Nintendo can only go so far in helping us recreate an actual athletic experience. We have to do our part, too."

Download Calorie Counter by FatSecret from Google Play