Protecting kids from inappropriate apps and content on Android phones or tablets is one of the most daunting tasks of a parent. It is not easy to control what apps your kids use as you have to monitor every app they download onto their devices. This article lists the best five parental control applications for Android, which will help you regain control over your children’s mobile device usage.

Screen Time
For parents who want to monitor how much time their kids spend on their phones, the Screen Time feature is a necessity. It can provide a weekly report of the time spent on different activities using the screen.

These activities range from reading a book to playing games to browsing social media sites. It also records the time spent on more complex applications, such as YouTube and Instagram.

A daily limit can be set, and only one app can be used until the next day after a child reaches the limit. For the parents of toddlers, the Screen Time feature is an invaluable tool. It provides an easy way for parents to set limits for their children for the day, and when the limit is reached, the device will shut off.

This app means that together with your little one, you can have the time to handle the daily assignments. It's advisable to handle the assignments with your children to monitor their progress. The good thing is that, with research papers for sale, you don't have to worry about the challenging assignments. You can easily leave it for a professional to help while you focus on other vital matters to boost your kid's score in the class.

Dealing with the little ones can be messy as they can be cheeky. In an era where owning a smartphone is almost mandatory for almost every kid, having an app that restricts them from accessing some applications can prevent them from accessing unwanted apps.

AppLock is an app that will lock your apps to restrict other people from accessing them. This is great news for parents who want to protect their children from accessing their phones, where the child might find anything, he wants to access, including personal pictures. AppLock helps you create a list of apps you want to protect from others. Then you can easily lock and unlock the app with your personalized passcode.

Net Nanny
While browsing through the internet, your kids may encounter alerts, which might be risky. Unfortunately, the kids may not realize the dangers of clicking these links. As a parent, it's your responsibility to prevent this from happening.

Net Nanny is a practical application when it comes to blocking all this. This type of software can block content on the web and computers. Net Nanny provides a series of tools depending on the age of the children that you want to monitor.

Safe Lagoon
Do you know what your little ones are up to? For every parent, it's best to monitor your kid's activities; the games and apps they are using to avoid being caught off-guard.

Safe Lagoon is a parental monitoring and supervision application. It protects your kids while they are playing on their devices by monitoring the apps they use, the sites they visit, and the time they spend on their devices. It also alerts you to potential dangers by sending prompt notifications when you play any risky games or browse inappropriate content.

One of the main functions of Safe Lagoon is that it can perform real-time location tracking for your child. If you want to know where your child is, Safe Lagoon can track and show their location. They can optionally be shown a warning when they are out of a specified area, and your child's mobile data can be disabled. With Safe Lagoon, you can view your child's browsing history and chat with them. Safe Lagoon functions can be accessed through the app or on a computer at

Recently, child pornography has been on the rise, and one of its major causes is the failure to monitor your kids' activities over the internet. Canopy is one essential tool that can help prevent the dangers of child exposure.

Canopy was designed to keep an eye on what your children are doing on the internet. With this new program, parents can choose from three different packages: the Basic Package, the Business Package, and the Parent Package.

The Basic Package offers parents the essential tools, letting them monitor which websites their children have visited and the activity of the applications they have used. The Business Package includes the Basic Package and adds app blocking, which blocks the use of specific applications during restricted hours, and phone blocking, which blocks the use of particular phones for a specific period. The Parent Package includes the Basic Package, the Business Package, and Web3, which is a parental control program that gives you a complete overview of the internet usage of your children, including the websites that they visit, the date and time of their surfing the web, and what they were surfing on that day.

Parental control is a responsibility that many parents tend to undermine. If neglected, this can lead to more severe problems such as drug addiction, unprotected sex, and more. Parents need to be open-minded and willing to take this responsibility to raise their children well. Luckily for you, these five apps can help you achieve precisely that.