Instagram is a favorite application in Android and iOS. In fact, this application is a connection between users and cloud services of this company. This service is somehow like Twitter, the difference is that in Twitter we can place text but this service is just for uploading photos and sharing them. In Instagram user can share his pictures and place text explanations and tags on them. Other users, who follow this user, can make comments on these pictures and like them. By using this application which has a friendly interface, you can easily share uploaded pictures on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, etc. one of the features of this service which has helped to its popularity, is the effects that we can apply on the pictures. These effects include: lighting setting, blur and picture frames. One of the utility features of Instagram is the ability to search among pictures. By using this feature we can fi nd pictures by picture tags.

Application features

  • Totally free even for using effects
  • Beautiful effects in: frame, lighting, picture orientation, blur mode
  • Simple interface
  • Add location on pictures
  • Supporting front and back cameras of the device
  • Supporting social networks such as: Facebook, Flicker, and Twitter
  • Supporting tag, and explanations on picture
  • Supporting Android 2.2 and above

It should be mentioned that this application which is used in photo sharing field, is newly bought by Facebook. You can download Instagram from Google Play for free. (Instagram for Android)

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