Merry Christmas to every one of you, here at AW Center! Enjoy the holidays and have a happy and prosperous new year with the ones you wish to be with. Heartfelt wishes not just for Christmas but also for every day of the New Year.

In this AW Center article, we present you some best Android Apps for Christmas and New Year. Before continuing to review the selected applications, make sure to check out our Full HD Android Wallpapers Pack for Christmas.

Let’s have fun in New Year holidays and celebrate the Christmas seasons with these best Android apps for Christmas:

1. Christmas Live Wallpaper

Installing Live Wallpapers is the very first thing to do for making your phone a Christmas-like phone.

Among the many available live wallpapers on the Google Play Store, we believe Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper, Christmas 3D Live Wallpaper, Christmas Live Wallpaper Free, and Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper are the 4 best Christmas live wallpapers. Christmas tree, the option to add snow, lights, sparkling or sound, 3D Snow scene, Fireworks scene, and Santa Clause are some of the features of these live wallpapers.

If you are not a fan of live wallpaper, you can make your home screen Christmas-y, by using these Android Wallpapers for Christmas.


2. Best App for Merry Christmas

We don’t agree with the app’s name, but we must say, it does provide so much useful information about Christmas history, Christmas stories, ideas for Christmas gifts and trees, jokes about Christmas, some recipes for Christmas, and other interesting facts and quotes about Christmas.

We selected Best App for Merry Christmas, as it tries to increase our general knowledge about Christmas and the ways to enjoy the time better.


3. Doodle Jump Christmas Special

It’s really hard to find someone who hasn’t played the Doodle Jump on its smart device, or at least hasn’t heard of the name.  This extremely addictive jumping game, released the Christmas special edition to make sure it’s not going to leave you alone even during the holidays, and the addiction to the Doodle Jump continues to the next year.

 Let’s do some Christmas jumping by playing Doodle Jump Christmas Special.


4. Christmas Photo Frames 2

Taking photos are the best way to remember all your good memories during the Christmas and New Year holidays. But how to make your photos more distinguished and delicate? How about using some Christmas photo frames?

Christmas Frames For Free, Amazing Christmas Photo Frames, Bliss Camera Xmas Photo Editor, and Christmas Photo Frames are all the best apps to provide different collections of frames for Christmas, but our favorite application for this purpose is: Christmas Photo Frames 2, which provide so many Christmas templates in a very user friendly interface, with the option to add effects and share the output picture.


5. Christmas Food Recipe

We don’t know about you, but eating and drinking delicious and tasty food, drinks, candies, and cakes is a big deal for us during the Christmas and holidays. Christmas Food is one of the best Christmas Food Recipe applications, and although it hasn’t been updated since last year, but it still offers some decent and hard to refuse recipes, such as: Duck’s breast with honey and pears, Classic Christmas roast turkey and Christmas pudding strudel.

If you are looking for making some great drinks, Christmas Drink Recipes provides so many easy to understand step by step instructions, and we recommend Christmas Baking Recipes who want to bake something new!

Allthecooks Recipes as one of the best Android Cooking Application has also updated with Christmas substitutions and you may find some great Holidays recipes there.


So, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and enjoy the Holidays…

Article photo credit:  Matt Kaufenberg @ Dribbble