This article is about the apps to follow Rio 2016 news on Android and also watch Olympic Games 2016 on Android. If you are a sports fan, then you should be counting days for Olympics 2016. It's the most important event is the world of sports. A lot of athletes from a lot of countries compete in a lot of sport fields. So, if you are trying to get the latest news and watch the games on Android easily, these are the best Android apps for Olympics 2016.


The Official App: Rio 2016

One of the best Android apps for Olympics 2016 is Rio 2016. It is the Rio 2016 official app and if you want to know all about Olympic torch relay, follow torch bearers along their way, it is a perfect app. You can get information, photos and videos of relay schedule, map of the routs and associated parties and celebrations. You can also get the latest news of Rio 2016 events and know about them. All in all, it has everything you need to follow Rio 2016 news on Android.


A Good Way to Get the News: Olympic Athletes' Hub 2016

Another great way to follow Rio 2016 news on Android is Olympic Athletes' Hub 2016. It's an app built for the athletes but everyone can use it to follow the news. It provides you with latest information and news. The athletes can use it to keep in touch with fellow athletes and share their health condition and training tips with them and get the latest information about the upcoming games. The alternative for this app is Brazil 2016 Games.


A Good Way to Watch It Live: NBC Sports Live Extra

If you want to watch Olympic Games 2016 on Android, NBC Sports Live Extra is the app you are looking for. There are times that there are no TVs available and you miss your favorite program. Well, we have a solution for the Olympics 2016 and you won't miss the games with it. Considering that NBC sports will broadcast Olympics 2016, using its app is a good way to watch them live. You can also have access to the video clips of upcoming events and highlights of the previous ones. NBC is also planning to provide us with the 360 degree clips; so if you have a VR headset, you will probably be able to watch them 360 degrees. All in all, it seems to be the best way to watch Olympic Games 2016 on Android.


So, these were the best apps for Rio 2016. In this article, we learnt about Rio 2016's official app, apps to get the latest news and information and the app to watch the games live. Hope you find it useful!