The ones offering new things always tend to be more successful than others and you need to be creative to do that. Android apps to improve kids creativity is the subject of today's article because the creativity should be awaken during the childhood. The reason is that kids don't have to do anything special, they just play and their minds are calm and ready to learn.  So, it's our job to improve their skills in their games. In order to extend your kids' creativity, we have prepared some Android coloring apps, drawing apps, cartoon apps, mini games and story apps for Android.


Coosi Box: Creative Drawing

Another benefit of a child's mind is that it's unrestricted and Coosi Box can promote its creativity. In this app, the kids will be able to pick any theme they like and draw anything that's on their mind and watch their own creation become a part of a fascinating animation. The animations will be different than the previous one and so, your kids will get a lot of surprises.


PlayKids – Cartoons for Kids

Kids will learn a great deal of stuff in their games and PlayKids has prepared a lot of mini games that will affect your kids in a positive way and they can extend their creativity. Children also learn a lot from what they see and hear and a lot of cartoons are prepared for them in this app and they can improve their creativity a lot.


Bed Time Kids Stories & Rhyme

The fantastic stories of childhood are very lovely and peaceful and they are full of imaginations. T hat's what is necessary for creativity and Bed Time Kids & Rhyme contains a lot of stories. Actually, it's one of the best story apps for Android and your kids will love to listen to the stories and rhymes before going to sleep.


AppyStore Kids Learning Videos

Well, As I told you before cartoons and videos have a lot of effects on children and AppyStore Kids Learning Videos has got a lot of educational and fun videos. Creativity needs education too and this is what we're going to do; educate kids about things like self awareness, rhymes, stories and so many more.


Kids Coloring Fun

Coloring may seem a normal hobby for children but there is something beyond this fact. It's an awesome way to extend kids creativity because they can color a picture in thousands of different ways and they choose their own way to do it. Kids Coloring Fun has prepared more than 220 amazing pictures that are ready to be colored. It is one of those Android coloring apps that has got various themes and subjects like animals and princesses and every kid can enjoy it.


So, these are the best Android apps to improve kids creativity. We had various ways to extend their creativity, including Android coloring apps, drawing apps, cartoon apps, mini games and story apps for Android.

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