Are you a football fan and waiting for EURO 2016? Do you want to get the latest EURO 2016 news on Android? Do you want to watch EURO 2016 on Android? Do you want to know the live scores? Here are the 3 best Android apps for EURO 2016.


UEFA's Official App for EURO 2016

EURO 2016 is UEFA's official app for the fans. It has a user friendly space and covers almost everything about EURO 2016. First, you choose your favorite team and then you choose whether if you want to get notifications or not. News is waiting for you in the first page. Then you can choose matches where you can find out about the stadium, date and time of the matches. The next button is named latest which brings you the latest news and videos. It is a cool way to get EURO 2016 news on Android. The next button is groups. You see the groups of teams and their position there. The next button is Teams. Select the team you want and get all of the information about it. You see overview, latest and matches of the team. You can also find out about tickets to the matches in the ticketing part. There is also a fan zone for the fans.



EURO 2016 Live Scores + EURO 2016 News on Android

Another great app for EURO 2016 is FotMob - EURO 2016 Scores. This app is one of the greatest ways to get EURO 2016 news on Android. First of all you choose your favorite teams. In the first page, it shows all of the matches of yesterday, today, tomorrow … till 5 days later. If a match is going on right now you can choose it and see the live scores, cards and all of the events of the match. There is an ongoing button for ongoing matches. The next button is top news. You can choose world news, EURO 2016 news, COPA America news, news of the leagues, transfers, champions, video … You can edit your profile, your favorite teams and favorite leagues. You can also set alarms for the match and get notifications for the events of the match. GoalAlert 2016 and Jalvasco EURO 2016 are good alternatives for this app.



Watch EURO 2016 on Android; Live!

Our last offer for enjoying EURO 2016 is WatchESPN. Watch EURO 2016 on Android using this app. Imagine that your favorite team has an important game and you miss it because you are somewhere that you don't have access to a TV. It feels really bad. So let's get rid of that bad feeling and watch the match live on your android device which you can carry anywhere. This app allows you to freely watch the channels ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, SEC Network and Longhorn Network. You can watch EURO 2016 on these channels. You can also watch clips and videos of the highlights of the match, news …


These were the 3 best Android apps for EURO 2016. Use these apps to get all of the news and live scores or watch them live and make sure that you don't miss anything.