There are many file manager applications available for Android but ASTRO File Manager –can be said- is the most applicable and powerful of them all. Its success is due to its special features. Features like full integration with Cloud Services, Easy access to settings and a new photo gallery. This application has been downloaded more than 35 Million times and it is in the top 10 list of Google Play best applications.

Some other features of this application are:

  • A better photo gallery compared to Android’s default one.
  • Ability to take backup from applications and SD Card
  • Accessing files from Cloud Services such as: Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive
  • Displaying stored photos from Facebook, Google Plus and Picasa
  • Quick access to settings and to files stored on Cloud Services with swiping
  • Support for ZIP/Tar compressed files and ability to compress files
  • Manage current running applications
  • View and edit text files
  • Displaying files and file contents
  • Full Support for WIFI and Bluetooth

Swiping to right in the application gets you to Clouds and to left will bring you Tools, Settings and SD Card. ASTRO File Manager currently support 11 languages. You can install the free version from Google Play.

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