What does Launchers in Android mean? And What is the Best Android Launcher?

In the newer smartphones, the graphical interface has improved in a way that might satisfy not only novices, but everyone. Well, maybe with exception of greedy pro users.  Android has a high flexibility in customization. Although the default GUI on android devices are really eye-catching especially on Android 4.0+, but defaults are not what pro users may desire.
Vast majority of users, even normal users, can now easily change their Android device GUI, using Launchers. Launchers are a complicated type of theme with fundamental changes in GUI with the ability to install new themes. A Launcher could change applications icons, applications order type, applications accessibility type, setting access type, new effects while navigating between pages and many more features. Some of these launchers will also install their own applications and widgets and some are pre-installed on custom ROMs. Launchers are installed like any other applications in Android. After a Launcher is installed, you can deactivate the previously installed Launchers from Applications settings. In the following we are introducing some famous Launchers:

Best Android Launchers

1: Go Launcher: Go Launcher is the most famous Launcher application for Android. It is available in two HD and EX versions. The EX version for smartphones and HD for tablets.There are lots of themes available for this launcher and also the users can make their own themes. If you are using other GO applications, you are exteremly advised to use this app too

GO Launcher EX on Google Play
Go Launcher HD on Google Play

2: AWD Launcher: This launcher has a lot of flexibilities and you can customize it how ever you want. It is in two free and paid versions. The custom ROM AOKP has used this application as its default launcher. Some features of this launcher are: ability to hide applications, ability to create application folders, support for android 1.6+ and many themes which are avai lable for download.

AWD Launcher on Google Play

3: Nova Launcher: This new launcher is only available for Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 (ICS) and later devices. Some of its features are: Major GUI changes in Android ICS and Jelly Bean even in the Settings page, DUC support, ability to create application folders, etc.

Nova Launcher on Google Play

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