Android Nougat has become official recently and we're pretty sure that you'd love to know about Android 7 features. Well, we'll tell you what's new in Android 7 and how much it is different from Android Marshmallow. Android Nougat is already available for Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, The Google Pixel C and the Android One general mobiles. You can read our article about the phones to receive Android 7 to know more. If your phone has already received the update and you want to know if it's worth updating, you've come to the right place.


Enhanced UI and Notification Bar

Well, if you want to know what's new in Android 7, we'd better start with User Interface. Visual changes are the first ones that you will notice and these changes let's you have more and easier control over your device. You'll have a better access to the toggles by swiping down and you can easily enable and disable things like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The notification bar has become more stylish and it gives you more space by bundling the notifications from the same apps and presenting them with smaller fonts. Whenever you get a message, you can directly answer it from notification bar. This feature makes it very easy and fast to reply to a message.


Instant Apps

This feature is one of the greatest changes in app stores and it's available on Android 7. With Instant you will be able to start an app instantly in Google Play Store and there is no need for downloading to do it. After you have used it in the App Store, you can decide whether you want to download it or not.


Android 7 Power Saving

One of the great features of Android Marshmallow was Doze power saving and its battery optimizations made kept the device running for a longer period. Now, it's time for Android 7 power saving feature. The name of this feature is Doze on the Go and it's better than Doze. Doze on the Go not only puts the device in an inactive mode when you're not using it, but also it saves power when in motion, wh enever the display is off. Android 7 power saving also keeps apps from waking up when a network connection is detected.


Technical Changes

First of all, Nougat supports Vulkan API which means, we should expect an improved quality of video games, VR experiences, and everything that is based on graphics. Second, Google has made the operating system lighter and Android Nougat can even work smoothly on the devices with less impressive specs.


Daydream VR

The company's latest platform for VR is Daydream and it is way better than Google Cardboard. Google's new Nougat based UI will sport low 20 ms latency, which will be the best way to experience virtual reality.


Background Updates

Android 7 will download the updates on the background without any disruptions when you're connected to a Wi-Fi. Even when it is updating in the background, you can use the app without any errors.


Better Multitasking

A new feature in multitasking is quick switch. You can easily switch to the last used app by double tapping the recent button. Clear all has been added to this section once again and there is the multi window. With this new feature, you can open an app while you are using another app and both apps will work in a split screen view.


Customizable Quick Setting

As you know, when you swipe down on the screen, the notification bar comes down and there is quick setting at the top right but it’s not the same old quick setting in Android 7. By tapping on each of the icons it will expand and more setting will appear for them. This quick setting supports multiple pages and it is also customizable and you can add or remove icons from this section.


Well, we told you what's new in Android 7 but they weren't everything about Android Nougat. We chose the most interesting Android 7 features for you and if you like them, you'd better update your OS to Android 7.0 Nougat.

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