Android operating system uses a lot of RAM mostly for syncing data and running apps in background. Some people don’t believe in killing running apps and some other even go further and Root their Android device to be able to kill even system apps. In this article we introduce one of the best Android Task Killer Apps to free some more memory and optimize the speed and battery consumption.


App Introduction
The Advanced Task Killer (ATK) is considered as one of the most popular running memory management apps on Play store. This powerful app is very simple and easy to use and has attracted many users. ATK has both auto kill and manual kill option. To manually kill some running apps, you need to mark the app on the list and the application just kills the selected apps. You can also make an Ignore list. In the Auto Kill Mode, you have 3 options:

Safe: It just sets free the memory used by each apps, and doesn’t close the app itself

Aggressive: It both sets free the memory used by each app, and close the app itself

Craze: It goes one step further and closes all the inactive apps

You can also define an interval to let the app knows how often you would like to have your memory free. The interval may vary from every half an hour to every 4 hours and the other option is to set the memory free as soon as the display screen is off.

Download Advanced Task Killer from Google Play


ATK Features

  • Ignore List (to ignore some applications and kill the others)
  • Home screen widget which lets you kill the active apps with just one tap
  • Auto and manual task killers
  • Customizable interface

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