There are many translating application on the Market, but among them Google Translate is the leading one, having both power and simplicity. The online web version of Google translate comes with quite interesting features which were not available on the Android, but that didn't last so long as the newest version of the application comes already with all those features. This article is about to aim these features and will introduce what you can do with them.

 App introduction

Google Translate is an online translating system developed by Google. With support of more than 60 languages, it is capable of translating words, phrases or sentences into almost any language. The translate section is used to find the equivalent of vocabularies or phrases in other languages, while the conversation section is used to start a live dictionary conversation in which the user speaks the words out and the system will in return answer him in the pre-defined target language. The system supports three input types for the content. The first as mentioned is the audio input type. Handwriting is the next input type in which users like galaxy Note users can directly write the content with their S-Pens. The last input option which is also a new feature of the app, is using a ph oto with content in it. This way you only need to take a photo of the papers, ads, addresses, road signs or anything with a text and then select the text with your finger and get the results in the target languages instantly. With the help of online synchronization, the app could memorize any translated contents and use them to improve the translation job next time it is required. It is also possible to share the translation results with friends. The new version of the application has the ability to work in offline mode. To do so, install the new version, go to settings, Offline Languages and select the required languages.




  • Supports more than 60 live global languages
  • Three input types: photo, audio and handwriting
  • Ability to share the results with friends in social networks
  • Tablet optimization
  • Conversation mode
  • Offline mode


The application requires Android 2.1 and higher to be installed. You will require at least Android 2.3 to use all the mentioned features.  

Download Google Translate from Google Play