Videos and movies are usually produced in many formats and resolutions. You are free to play them easily on your high end smartphone. But what if the format or the resolution is not suited for your smartphone or if you don’t have a high end device? The best way to get over this situation is to use the video editing applications. You will get more familiar with one of these applications in the following:


App Introduction

VidTrim Pro is an application designed specifically for editing videos. The app comes with variety of different features from video conversion to altering video resolution and video effects. The very first feature of the app is the cutting a specific time interval feature. So that you can cut and pull out any favorite scene from videos and movies. The application output format is MP4 format. No other formats are currently supported but new formats are promised to be added in the new version. Users are also able to convert video formats to MP3. This feature is usua lly used for converting video music to MP3 music file. Alteration of video resolution is the other great feature of the app. This helps you convert HD video files to lower resolution in order to watch them on smartphones with lower resolution display. The application will also let the user to alter video frames and add custom scenes to the original one. The only negative feature of the application is its not-user-friendly user interface which does not seem professional and charming. With a rank of 4.3 out of 5, the application could successfully achieve better reviews than other similar applications. Download this application from Google Play.


App Features


  • Video conversion to MP4 and MP3
  • Video frame alteration
  • Ability to cut videos
  • Easy sharing
  • Eye-catching transition video effects: color change, mosaic (chess) effect, lightning, B/W, SwapUV