Cell phones can replace advanced technology, including weather stations. There are dozens of apps for your Android that will show accurate real-time data. In this article, the paper writer found out what are the best weather apps for Android 2022.

AccuWeather can display weekly, daily, and hourly weather reports. They tell you the air temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, humidity, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and sunrise and sunset times. You will also be informed of the intensity of ultraviolet light if you are about to sunbathe or of an impending storm.

In addition, AccuWeather has a built-in map that allows you to monitor the weather in real-time for your region, country, or an entire continent. There's support for watches with Wear OS and watchOS and cute widgets.

1Weather is a viral weather app that provides all the weather data you need conveniently and beautifully. 1Weather shows weekly forecast, real-time summary, and animations of sunrises, sunsets, and moon phases.

You can select up to 12 cities where you want to track air temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, and precipitation - it comes in handy for travelers. 1Weather includes a weather map. It also has widgets of different sizes. The application supports watches with Wear OS.

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel is one of the most accurate weather applications that provides hourly, 15-day, and weekend weather forecasts. You can learn about real and perceived temperature, wind speed, precipitation, and ultraviolet intensity from the summaries. 

In the notification panel, you will be able to place the weather information of any place in the world. The app is perfectly optimized for both smartphones and tablets. The Weather Channel has handy widgets with different aspect ratios to suit any desktop. On our site, you can find more info about The Weather Channel.

Weather Underground
Weather Underground is a program of the weather service of the same name. It can do everything the other weather applications on the list, but it also has its tricks. For example, Weather Underground will tell you about the air quality and ultraviolet radiation levels in your city and warn you about flu outbreaks or allergy threats.

Weather Underground relies on data from more than 270,000 weather stations worldwide. In addition, weather information is provided by the app users themselves: messages are displayed on an interactive map. Finally, with the help of webcams, you can see exactly what is happening in a particular city.

Simple widgets look nice and will appeal to fans of minimalism. There is support for the Apple Watch.

A beautiful weather app with an interesting feature. Numbers and icons are located at the top of the screen, and the rest of the space is occupied by the landscape, depending on what is happening outside the window. Rain and sun, sunrises and sunsets, seasons change each other, as in reality. By the way, the picture can be selected and set as wallpaper.

YoWindow also has widgets and an alarm clock with nature sounds.

A pretty functional application that has everything you would expect from a weather informer. You have forecasts from one hour to 10 days, radar, more than a dozen interactive weather maps, traffic data, disaster warnings, and summaries for allergy sufferers.

One of the most advanced applications boasts a radar that shows on a map the movement of cloud cover and weather changes in real-time. Clime has hourly forecasts for 14 days ahead and minute-by-minute predictions of precipitation.

The app backs up with bad-weather notifications and reports an air quality index. There is dew point information as well as a lightning, hurricane, and fire tracker.

Weather Fit
In the long run, you don't need weather forecasts to study piles of numbers and complicated graphs, but rather to pick up clothes according to the weather. That's exactly the idea behind Weather Fit.

Personalize your character, and as soon as you launch it, you'll see what you should wear today and whether you should take an umbrella. The temperature and the usual forecast are also in the app. There are also animated backgrounds to match the weather and even the ability to set clothing preferences and customize your closet.