We spend a lot of time in lines and on public transit every day; why not put that time to good use? Tools for content marketers in 2022 will be able to promote your content and do business from anywhere.

There are various helpful tools for business communication, working with content, data processing, and task management, in addition to the applications that are already installed in every modern person's phone. All content creation apps have been validated and are safe to use. You may also find more about boosting a company website's search engine ranking.

Using this social media content management tool, you can plan strategy and check activity in your accounts. The application can be used for free: in this case, the user gets access to managing three accounts and can schedule up to 30 posts at a time. But there is also a paid plan with more extensive features.

Planoly is a visual scheduler for brands. The app shows how each individual post will look in combination with other publications in the account. Planoly allows you to create a cohesive visual image of a brand. There are also free and paid plans.

The app helps easy to find and track brand mentions all over the internet. The user receives notifications every time the specified keywords are mentioned on the web: on websites, on social networks, in blogs, and so on. 

It becomes possible to effectively use opportunities for promotion and resolve conflicts at the very beginning.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics needs no introduction: it's a service for generating statistics on website visits. The service has a handy mobile application, which is not inferior in functionality to the full version.

WordPress is a popular system for creating websites and blogs. It gives the ability to manage content, even without access to the Internet: you can create, edit and publish posts, moderate comments, view analytics and much more.

The app, like other organizers, allows you to set goals for yourself and your colleagues, set alerts, work with your calendar, and so on. An exciting feature of TickTick is the built-in Pomodoro timer that breaks your work into 25-minute segments with 5-minute breaks.

Another scheduler for the office and home. It works both online and offline and is suitable for sharing. With hashtags, Todolist can quickly create tasks. For example, if you text it, "Review post, every Thursday, 2 pm #Instagram," it will automatically add that task to the right section and remind you.

One of the most popular outreach tools for influencers. Here you c an communicate in chats and private messages, set tasks and deadlines, create individual projects, and exchange documents. 

This app focuses on corporate communication and work document sharing. Slack allows you to communicate with colleagues, edit documents, and view previous conversations. In addition, Slack syncs with Dropbox, Google Drive, Asana, and other content marketing apps.

Canva is handy for those looking for a tool to quickly and easily create visual content. The app allows you to create images for social media literally on the go. 

Templates and an image library are available for users, but there is also an option to start from scratch. Once an image is complete, it can be uploaded directly to popular social networks.

Popular with bloggers and photographers is the photo editing service Photza. In a couple of hours, professional retouchers will make a photo taken on an iPhone ready for publication even in a magazine. If you need similar retouching services, you can look for it in the aggregator. The most budget option is iOS applications such as: FaceApp, FaceTune. But they are only suitable for Instagram and the result does’t always look natural.

Considered to be the world's most popular platform for mailings. There are many templates for layout, and there is a preview for different devices. Statistics are also available. You can track who of the recipients didn't read the letter to the end, who made a purchase, or who dropped a product in the cart.

In the MailChimp application, you can't create mailing lists from scratch - you can only change the settings of existing ones. Then, you can launch a campaign on the service's website.

Google News
A news aggregator from Google is automated and updated and shows the user the five most relevant local and international events. Here you can read how different sources cover the same topic, follow the chronology of events, frequently asked questions, and biographies of newsmakers.

This app is worth installing to keep up with digital news. Users can view the best publications of the day, read material by subscription, and work with their profiles and hubs.

The Castbox podcast search app will be useful for those who try to keep up with the latest trends and constantly develop their skills. Podcasts are categorized, a list of popular channels is regularly updated, and you can also find podcasts by keywords like "marketing" or "business." 

There are other features that make using Castbox more convenient: sleep timer, playback speed control, subscription and receive notifications when new episodes are released, create playlists, and the ability to share releases in messengers and social networks.

There are a lot of apps that can make life easier for the marketer in 2022, but in this matter, it is worth adhering to the principle of "less is better." It's better to install a few top apps that you'll use to the max than to cram your phone with a bunch of apps and open each of them once a week. So be careful when choosing content marketing software.