You always expected college to be fun. At first, you were thrilled with the opportunity to make new friends and learn from exquisite professors. But as you progressed throughout college, you realized: there’s not much time for having fun. If you want to stay really focused on your studies, you find yourself researching, writing, and studying all the time. Is there a way to make some of these tasks more effective, so you could have more time for the real pleasures in life?

Of course there is!

You can use apps! Research apps, in particular, will help you go through the academic writing process in a more effective manner. The research stage affects your speed at writing and editing. If you get it right, half of your work will be done.

Top Apps for Students: Conduct Efficient Academic Research

StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes

The main purpose of the StudyBlue app is to create flashcards from your course materials. You can use them to study online, but you can also print them. Flashcards help you memorize information more easily.

However, StudyBlue is an effective research app as well. You can access cards and learning materials made by peers and experts. If you’re searching for organized information on a particular topic, this is the easiest way to get it.


This is an excellent academic writing service, which students use when they get stuck with papers. But that’s not its only purpose. If you want to write your own papers, but need help around the research stage, you can still count on its writers.

The EduBirdie app connects you with professional researchers in a matter of seconds. You’ll list the instructions for your project, and the experts will deliver resources that are ready to use. Once you go through that information, you’ll be able to start writing the paper right away.


The hardest part of academic research is that you cannot rely on your usual Internet resources, such as blogs and Wikipedia. Your professors want you to rely on scientific studies and research journals. Google Scholar is the best tool for that, but it’s not available as an Android app. There’s an app to fill that gap, and it’s conveniently named Research.

It works like a search engine, which guides you through journals, methodology, and research areas. It gathers its resources from Google Scholar, Sci-Hub, Research Gate, and other highly relevant tools. You can rest assured that you’ll find something worthy of referencing.

4. WolframAlpha

This online service directly answers your factual queries. It gathers information from structured data. You’re not getting a list of resources to explore, but an actual answer that you could use right away.

The Android app encompasses severa l fields: Math, physics, statistics and data analysis, materials, chemistry, astronomy, engineering, life sciences, earth science, units and measures, computer science, geography, weather, culture and media, people and history, and more.

If your professor asks a question and you want to answer it right away, WolframAlpha is the perfect tool to rely on.


Every student has heard of the Evernote app. All that fuss is not accidental. Evernote is a highly useful note-taking app that makes your life easier. You can use it to take notes during class. Your professors often mention important sources of information, which you can’t memorize. The notes help you conduct a quick research process later on.

The app is also useful during the actual research stage. You can note down all resources that you plan to use. Later on, you’ll be able to retrieve information and reference the right source. Otherwise, you would forget where all your ideas come from.


While gathering sources, you’re wondering: how should you organize them? You need a system, which will help you access the right info at the right time. Pinterest works. You can create private boards, where you’ll collect online resources. But what if you download some of them? In that case, Dropbox is the perfect app.

Make sure to organize the resources in appropriate folders. That will make it easier for you to read through them when you’re ready to start writing the paper.


What do you do after completing the research stage? You have to use those sources to structure an outline. However, the outline must include your own ideas and arguments as well. All that information you located will just support them. XMind is the right app to use at this point.

This is a brainstorming app, which helps you get unique ideas for any project you’re working on.

App for Student Research

Stay Confident

Academic research can easily overwhelm you. All those studies are written in a technical, scientific tone. They are boring to read, but they also contain complex information that you don’t completely understand. Don’t stress over the process! You have to mind your health, so you can’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by any assignment.

With the help of the apps listed above, the research process will become much easier! Install them on your phone and explore them before you start working on an actual project.