Microsoft Office apps are around for a long while and we are much dependant on them for our business. We'll introduce the best features of WPS Office today because it is one of the best ways to open and edit your Office files on Android and so, you can have access to them anywhere with your device. WPS Office Android app offers some great features that can't be easily found in other Office apps for Android. We'll illustrate these features today and you'll see why you need to install it on your device. Here are the best features of WPS Office Android app.



This is the most important feature that you can demand from Office apps for Android and WPS Office can offer you the highest compatibility possible. It can easily open every kind of Office file with no problems and you can be sure that it won't malfunction at all. Even after editing the files and using them on desktop, the edit files will work perfectly normal and nothing wrong will occur.


User Interface

People would like to use the apps that are easier to use and look elegant. WPS Office Android app has a great design and it's clean and tidy. The UI is designed in the Ribbon style rather than the classic drop down menu style to be easier to use but you can change it to classic style if you like. It is also tabbed which means when ever you open n office file it opens a separate tab for it and doesn't close the previous one.


Standard Editing Tools

Well, just opening the files might not be adequate for Office apps for Android and they should let us edit them. Well, aside from adding texts or deleting some parts, you can also highlight notes, use pen, underline them, etc. in WPS Office. You can edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with a great range of options.


Integrated Backups

Well, keeping your important documents on your phone can be a little bit risky and you might be in danger of losing them but with WPS Office, you need not worry about it. It automatically backups your files from time to time; in case your files get deleted, you can use the backup files.


Encryption Support

When we talk about safety of files, we should make sure that it's secure from others. A password will do for this purpose and WPS Office allows you to do this and no one but the ones who know the password can open and edit them.


So, these features make WPS Office a great office app. It is one of the best ways to open and edit Office files; so, whenever you don't have access to a computer, feel free to use this app to get your business done.

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