OCR apps let you grab and extract text from images on Android devices and turn them in to text files. These image to text apps for Android, scan the entire image and take out the texts and convert them to a text document.

Like always, there are so many apps for this purpose, which some of them are too cluttered and inaccurate to discuss and some of them are really worth a try. First, let’s review some of the best images to text apps for Android, and then we show you how to extract text from image on Android devices using one of these ORC apps.


1. Google Keep
When Google does something, you are sure it has done it perfectly. Google Keep is Google’s note taking app with some great features, including the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature. Since Google Keep can be synced across all your devices, you can easily take a photo with your Android device’s camera, grab the text out of it, and view the result right on your desktop computer. During our several tests, we fond Google Keep very accurate. But since it is a note taking app, you need to do more steps to extract text from images, compared to other image to text apps. But don’t forget, Google Keep is free, with no ads or limitation, and can be accessed everywhere.

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2. Office Lens
Microsoft is another big player in the game, when it comes to scanning a picture and recognizing the text in the image. The Office Lens is originally a pocket scanner for your Android device which organizes your scanned documents and create a digital copy of your archive. Office Lens, as the name suggests, use your device’s camera as the lens to scan documents and then convert them in to Office compatible files.

Well, what does all of these have to do with OCR? Thanks to the latest Microsoft’s update, the app can now recognize the text and even lets you search handwritten images. We don’t know how it recognizes handwriting, but it just does and to be frank, it does it admirably.

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3.Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)
Text Fairy is one of the best and most downloaded OCR apps in the Play Store, and all you have to do is taking a sharp picture from the picture you want to convert, and leave the rest to the Text Fairy smart engine. It supports more than 50 languages and is really fast recognizing the texts inside a picture or a scanned document using the device’s camera. Like the Google Keep, Text Fairy is free with no ads, and it really is accurate. Once you scan an image and convert it to a text file, you get to copy it your clipboard or save it as a PDF file. Text Fairy is so much easier to use then the Google Keep, and if you tend to keep the texts on your Android phone/tablet and don’t care about the syncing option, then Text Fairy should be your first and last choice.

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How to Convert Image to Text on Android using the Google Keep:

Step1: Download and install the Google Keep and open it

Step2: Tap the Camera button on the bottom right of the screen

Step3: Specify whether you want to take a picture, or the image to be analyzed is already in your gallery

Step4: After taking a shot or using an image from the gallery, the picture is now added to your note

Step5: Tap on the scanned picture to open the Edit view

Step6: Now, tap the 3-dot icon the top right, and touch the Grab Image Text option

Step7: Wait for a minute for the scan and recognition process to be completed and after that, your extracted text has been added under the picture in your Note.


In overall, Google Keep is for those who prefer Google services and need the syncing option, Office Lens is for those who want to scan a handwriting and search through them, and Text Fairy is for those who are looking for something specifically designed as an OCR Text Scanning app and is fast, accurate and reliable.