Do you want to increase your general knowledge? Do you want to know how much your general knowledge is? Are you trying to compete with your friend in this field? Well, there are some cool general knowledge quiz Android apps for this purpose. You can test general knowledge on Android and compete with other people using these apps. They also help you know more and more. So, if you are interested, these are top 5 trvia apps for Android prepared for you.



One of the best general knowledge quiz Android apps is QuizUp. It has a user friendly space and it is pleasant to use it. Once you have registered, you will choose three topics you want and then you can play. You can play in single player mode or compete with others in every topic you like. You can answer questions about your favorite music band, movie, book … So the app seems to be very addictive.



Another great app among trivia apps for Android is 94%. It has a user friendly and simple space. It has a lot of levels and it gets more difficult every time you pass one of them. In every level it asks you a question that has more than one answer and you should write them down.


GK Quiz

Another app among Android apps for general knowledge is < span style="color: #0000ff;">GK Quiz. It has a lot of information and is really good for your general knowledge. You can study lessons, practice without limited time, give normal, online and daily test. It also has a whole lot of topics like agriculture, chemistry, sports … All in all, it's one of the best ways to increase your general knowledge.


Trivia Crack

Another way to test general knowledge on Android is Trivia Crack. It has a lovely and colorful theme and there are prizes and characters for winning in every topic. You can play with your friends or random opponents. It will randomly choose a topic for you and you will answer the questions. It's a fun and useful app to increase your general knowledge.



Who Becomes Rich

Our last recommendation for you is Who Becomes Rich. It has a lot of good questions for you and you should choose your answer from one of the 4 choices. Your score will be showed as an amount of money. It's a good game to compete with your friends.


After all, these apps were the best ones to test and increase your general knowledge or simply have a fun competition with your friend. Hope you have found it useful.