Thanks to the Google Cardboard, virtual reality apps are getting more popular on the Play Store and you get to experience a 3D and 360-degree games, views, apps using a VR headset and of course your Android phone.

If you have already purchased VR headset or made a Google Cardboard (or any other Cardboard VR viewers) and looking for some virtual reality content, make sure to try these best VR apps for Android:


1. Cedar Point VR

Imagine yourself on a roller coaster and the fun begins as soon as you wear your Cardboard viewer (VR headset) and launch the Cedar Point VR app. Roller coaster simulator apps are a popular category in the VR Apps, but we found the Cedar Point VR to provide the best experience.

If you are looking for another roller coaster app for Cardboard, VR Roller Coaster is worth a try.


2. Google Street View

One of my hobbies is seeing the cities and places I have never been, using the Google Street View application. Now, using a Google Cardboard (or any VR headset) and updated version of Street View, I get to actually walk in the places and cities I like.

This has been my best VR experience (not the most exciting) seeing the world in Virtual Reality. Period.

Tip1: Open the Street View app on your Android device, explore the place you want to see in 360-degree view, tap the Cardboard icon and place your phone in to the VR headset and enjoy walking the world.

Tip2: You may also look for VR Videos in the YouTube app on your Android device.


3. Vrse - Virtual Reality
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This great VR app is about telling you stories while you are listening to “directional binaural” sounds and enjoying the landscapes.

Vrse is a must try virtual reality App and make sure to always check for updates as new scenes and stories are added continuously.  


4. Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

First of all, this VR app/game is full of fun thanks to its graphics, design and of course funny characters and features. The game lets you fly through different worlds and the travel may get dangerous and challenges may get hard to accomplish.

Make sure your VR cardboard comes with the Tap to confirm button, so you can interact with the game.


5. Sea World VR2

Watching the underwater world has always been attractive. Now, thanks to the VR headset, you get to have a journey inside the ocean and enjoy seeing different sharks, jellyfish and ads. Unfortunately the free version comes with some unpleasant ads.


VR Apps for Android are getting more popular as more affordable VR headsets and cardboards are finding their way to the customers’ technology basket. We believe this is just a beginning of a new era in the mobile industry and we recommend you to jump on the VR train and enjoy its unlimited joys: from visiting literally any place in the world (using the Google Street View) to jump on a roller coaster or go underwater or in the space. We tried to gather the Best VR Apps for Android, but for sure there are so many VR apps missing in our list. So, share the VR Apps you use and enjoy the most on your Cardboard and VR headset.