Hey Neighbors! In this AW Center article, I’m going to introduce to you a new social media application that focuses on intuitively delivering local events and news.

Bestyn is a cross-platform social app designed for neighbors, and as far I tested the app’s functionality, it can replace a dozen different solutions. It’s amazing for neighbors of all ages and backgrounds.


What to expect from Bestyn?

Discover, create local events, and promote goods and services, chat with your neighbors. They may be your next local advisor!

I am convinced you always want to be updated on what is happening in your neighborhood. With Bestyn, you will never miss someone’s birthday party, garage sale, or breaking news about crime incidents.

The whole signing up process is quick and straightforward, and once you are done with the initial set up, you can instantly reach everyone who lives your community.

Create your own business profile: I encourage you t o go beyond your neighborhood. Create your business profile where you can make posts, advertise your services, and scale your business.


Is Bestyn worth a try?

The short answer is yes. In my opinion, it’s an essential mobile application that will help you access only the local news that matters to you the most. You can also be notified of the latest events that are happening in your neighborhood.

If you also run a local business, Bestyn enables you to create a business profile and reach to your clients in a whole new way.

Download Bestyn from Play Store, create your first post, Invite your friends and neighbors, communicate with others in the local community, and never miss a single event or piece of news in the area.