One of my favorite types of games is racing games, and the simpler more lightweight the game is the more I like it. To me, Bike Racing Challenge not only delivers everything I have in mind for a perfect racing game, but it also delivers a set of extra features, including retro style with 8-bit sound effects, that make the whole experience even more pleasant. 

What to expect from Bike Racing Challenge?

Well, you are riding a cool bike and in each level, you need to win the race and get to the finish line faster than other opponents. The on-screen buttons help you control the bike, and it gets just a couple of try to completely get used to riding the bike. 

What do I like the most about Bike Racing Challenge?

As mentioned at the beginning of the review, this racing game for Android checks all the items I have in mind for a perfect racing game. The gameplay is as simple as touching the on-screen buttons to ride the bike, and the retro style with 8-bit sound effects makes you want to keep playing and clearing more levels. 
Bike Racing Challenge

What would I add to this racing game? 

I would add a radar to show the position of the opponents in the race. I would also add more skins and bikes to choose from.

Is Bike Racing Challenge worth a try?

My answer is a big Yes! Unlike so many other racing games that only focus on the ways to make the player pay for in-app purchase items, Bike Racing Challenge is available to download completely free and the available ads are not annoying at all. The graphics and music are loyal to retro styles, the gameplay is super easy to learn, and the challenges are indeed addictive. 

Download Bike Racing Challenge from Play Store and have fun winning races.