Are you one of those who used to be addicted to the Streets of Rage, the beat 'em up video game, on Sega platform? If so, I’ve got some great news for you. Blambo is a side-scrolling action game with retro graphics and amazing gameplay that reminds you of all the good old days and can easily entertain you for hours without ever getting bored or tired.

The high-quality retro graphics, familiar gameplay with improvements, wide range of different challenges and engaging story, are just a few reasons that make me give this action game a 5-star rating.


What to expect from Blambo?

According to the developers, you are playing as Blambo Jones who is a seasoned mercenary with a military background and your mission is to rescue the babes from the Illuminati. You get to use the on-screen buttons to control the character, and it just takes a couple of tries to completely get used to the gameplay.


Is it worth giving it a try?

Well, Blambo is a paid game and if you are asking me, I’d see it really is worth every Penny. But, it depends on the type of player you are and the type of game you are looking for.

As I mentioned in the beginning, if you used to be a fan of Streets of Rage game, there is no doubt that you fall in love with Blambo. But, this side-scrolling action game can easily become your best companion to kill some time in your spare times, if you care about retro graphics, easy to learn gameplay and endless challenges that get more difficult as you progress.


Download Blambo from Google Play

You can download Blambo on your Android phone or tablet and see how long you can survive while rescuing the babes and taking down the attacking enemies.