Test your general knowledge in a whole new way and challenge your friends by answering trivia questions in multiple categories, including U.S. Sports, movies, the internet & social media, geography, politics, entertainment, and much more. 

This is what you should expect from bobbl QUIZ. But, there is a catch. Unlike almost all the multiple-choice trivia quizzes that require you to pick the correct answer, in this free trivia game, you must remove the wrong answers as quickly as possible. You get to go one-on-one against another player (random players from all around the world) and the player who manages to remove more wrong answers in a shorter time wins the challenge.

What do I like the most about bobbl QUIZ?

The idea behind this free trivia game is pretty cool. The fast-paced gameplay not only improves your general knowledge but also helps you with improving your concentration skills.

I also like the variety of available categories, but you should spend bobbls (in-game currency) to unlock categories. By default, you get to challenge your general knowledge in random categories. 

This free trivia game is available for both iOS and Android devices, which means you can invite more friends and family members to join you on the endless trivial challenges.

bobbl QUIZ

Is bobbl QUIZ worth a try?

If you are looking for a fresh trivia game with fast-paced gameplay and an extensive database of trivia questions in multiple categories, the answer is Yes! 

The unique gameplay and the fact that you should remove wrong answers as fast as you can, make bobbl QUIZ one of the best trivia games you can play on Android and iOS devices.

bobbl QUIZ is available to download for free. Get it now and challenge your family and friends to see who can collect more points in multiplayer online trivia quizzes. 

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