Among different social networks with different attitudes, the popular photo messaging app, Snapchat, introduced a new way of communication and the new service was warmly welcomed by everyone specially teenagers. So, it’s no wonder other companies tend to offer the same service with slight changes in the features to be part of this new market. After Facebook announcing the Slingshot, now it’s time for Instagram to announce its new photo messaging service: Bolt.

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Honestly, we couldn’t find anything special about the Bolt or any unique feature to make it distinctive. Using Bolt, you get to instantly share photos and videos to one of your friends at a time, and since the Instagram team wants you to share the world around you the same way it is, it doesn’t let you edit the shots before sending.


Text, photos and videos are the 3 options to reply to your friends and continue the conversation, and you can simply have the shared photos gone by swiping them.

The Bolt’s interface is one of the simplest among the competitors, and you just need to tap the screen to capture a photo (hold for taking a video) and then tap the friend’s picture to share with, and done. Don’t worry if you send a photo to a wrong person, you just need to shake the device to undo the process. Note that the application doesn’t let you choose a photo/video from your file manager and shots have to be taken in real time.


Bolt uses your phone number to register and you don’t have to provide Email address or Facebook account to start sharing pictures and videos with the favorite contacts of yours.

For now, Bolt is limited to just few countries, including New Zealand, South Africa, and Singapore, and those who live in the supported countries can now go to Google Play Store and download Bolt for free. More countries will follow as soon as the Instagram team makes sure they can handle more users and gets confident enough that this quick photo messaging app is going to be successful.


Frankly we doubt about it, since the original application, Snapchat, is working flawless and the fact that there are also 2 other competitors developed by Facebook/Instagram’s itself: Slingshot and InstaDirect.